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Our journey began when the client sought a transformation for their north-facing conservatory in Loughton. What followed was a bold endeavour, as we proposed not only a rear extension but a complete lower ground floor internal overhaul. The goal? To infuse light into every corner while creating a versatile haven.

The result of this endeavour is a stunning design that not only amplifies space but also ushers in light in the most enchanting ways. The lower ground floor has been meticulously transformed, welcoming two exquisite ensuite bedrooms that promise comfort and luxury. Through our design, the space opens up, revealing an internal garden oasis. Ample storage solutions seamlessly blend practicality with aesthetics.

A dedicated gym stands ready to invigorate, while a thoughtfully placed and designed functional office beckons with ample natural light. Another extraordinary addition – an oriel window specially crafted for stargazing through a telescope at night.

Location: Loughton, Essex

Sector: Residential

Status: Planning Granted

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