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At MTM Vision Ltd, we're all about crafting spaces that match individual needs and lifestyles.


Our clients, a pair of busy professionals, approached us with a clear wish – a functional home office and an expanded kitchen and family area in Brentwood, Essex. Their aspiration also included infusing their space with more natural light to nurture a warm and welcoming ambience.

To fulfil their dreams, we devised an elegant office extension that seamlessly complemented their existing home. The conversion of their garage yielded a roomy kitchen, family, and dining zone – a haven for entertainment and relaxation.

Our design philosophy revolved around optimizing natural light while preserving privacy and practicality. Incorporating expansive windows and skylights, we flooded the space with sunlight, creating an inviting and luminous atmosphere.

We're thrilled that our clients found joy in the outcome, and it's an honour to have realized their vision.

Location: Brentwood, Essex

Sector: Residential

Status: Under Construction

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