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Our “Home Design” coaching for successfully delivering your renovation projects

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Triangle Vista - Langdon Hills, Essex
Triangle Vista

You might not need a life coach (if you do, we have some amazing introductions for you), but once you decide to refurbish, extent or even build your new home, you will for sure need a “home design“ coach.

Living the right home for you and your family is very important. Furthermore, understanding its potential after, or even better, before buying it, it is crucial for your overall enjoyment of not only your life, but also the lives of the ones around you.

You bought your beautiful property dated from the 1930’s, with all this character and charm, but how can you live in it with all these today’s needs? You need space, but how about the value of the home? An architect is what you need some will say, others will say “Naaaahhh it is so easy don’t spend money… just put down a couple of walls”

So why do I need an architect as my “home design” coach?

Because you need the inspiration and expertise that we can bring.

The one that will breathe life back into your home, that will advise you on what can and can’t be done. All that before you even face the authorities saying “Unfortunately we completely disagree with how you want to handle your own property.” Sad but true.

Can it be worked out?

It is your dream project, you have planned it since you saw this property and put an offer in, and after all “who knows best what I need for my home?”.

No one does, but would not be best if you had a coach to help you in fulfilling the full potential of your home?

This feeling you want to have, when you enter or when you view your home from the street, is what will be the drive on the process that we will implement to coach you towards your Home Vision.

Love, care, pride, happiness, (and ROI but don’t say that loud...) is what drives people when they decide to renovate or extend their home. What do you want to feel when living in your home? Will the renovation or extension raise your home value? Will it be your dream home in the end? How can you understand how it will look and feel, just from drawings?

And who is going to guide you in handling all the mess that various trades entering your property will bring? Because a renovation, can be overwhelming, no matter how easy it looks on Facebook or Instagram pages. An out-of-control project is not what you need in your life.

Imagine your nice tidy kitchen or bathroom, full of dust and random strange people walking inside and out of your home…Imagine a baby or two in the dust when suddenly you don’t have water anymore…

This sounds already discouraging? Well, guess what…

We can guide you on how to avoid it!

Because we have the road map in place to best handle it. We can show you how to handle the process from the pre-design up to construction, and we can be there from start to finish.

We have come across many clients that have attempted to do their own renovations, because they believed that no architect will listen and feel their needs. Others have hired non-professionally qualified “experts” to save money…

Most of these clients wished they have never started their projects…

Before you start renovating or extending your home, you need to understand that the impact is not only financial, but also emotional and time consuming.

You need the one qualified and experienced person for your architecture residential drafting and design, that will listen to your needs and will help you eliminate the mistakes before you even start designing your project. Even before you invest money into buying it!

Many of our clients were not aware that they bought a property inside the Green Belt…

What are my options is the first question you need to ask yourself?

Book a call or a meeting with us and let us guide you down the path of how to design your home and transform your life. And let us discuss with you, the 5 most common mistakes that you can do, and we can place project specific guides so you can avoid them!

Which are these 5 mistakes?

Number one….The BIG Why?

(To be continued…)

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