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Mistake No1: The WHY

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Why do you renovate your house
Renovations - Mistake No1

In our last Blog article, we promised that we will discuss with you the 5 most common mistakes people do when deciding to renovate their property. Then we can help you with our specific guides on how to avoid them!

Identifying these mistakes and eliminate them is BEFORE you start.

The big WHY…

Why are you renovating your property?

Is your emotional need for a better quality in your “where your heart is” home ruling your decision? This emotion you want to feel when you enter your property or walk around it?

Is it your need to invest money so you can achieve a better value when you sell the property upon completion?

Is it both?

The basic point for both above big Why’s is that the renovation needs to be done right. The “premium” that a house can achieve with the right design and feel is what can define a successful investment.

Emotion is always a part of a residential design brief and needs to be considered and needs to be rated as high as all other factors. It is that side of architecture, the one that takes under consideration the emotional triggers that a design can achieve, that distinguish a good architect to an average one or a draftsman.

And how can you “feel” that design?

Can a common person identify the details that will lead to this well needed result from a plan?

Most certainly no.

Check our visual example in the pictures above. One is a plan one is a visual. So?

The two differences between working with MTM Vision architects and an average architect are:

1) What you can sell the property for upon completion

2) What feeling you will have when you enter your newly refurbished home

So yes, now we got the response to Why but again another question arises that brings more potential for mistakes. And this time costly ones!

How Much? That is the next question that is crucial, and you need to be honest with it firstly with yourself. How much do I want to spend?

You don’t know exactly though, do you? There comes the second mistake. Practicality of a renovation.

(To be Continued)

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