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Smart Home as the present and future Life-Style for everyone

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

MTM Vision Ltd - Smart houses
Smart Homes

Smart homes are residences equipped with innovative technologies: sensors, wired and wireless networks, actuators, and intelligent systems.

Living in smart homes has social and economic implications and, therefore, should involve IT specialists, engineers, architects, city planners, designers covering fields of psychology, sociology, and ethics, along with maintaining a dialogue and close collaboration with academia, industry, and policymakers.

Smart structures should extend beyond the concept of residency to form an aware, intelligent community that will include infrastructure of facilities and services such as smart recreation facilities, retail and service providers, automatic and intelligent traffic and public transportation services, offices, shopping malls and healthcare facilities. So a Smart Home should be perceived as a Unit that will form part of a future System.

Many perceive Smart homes and systems that come with them, as technology just for the futurists amongst us or for the elderly in maintaining their independence, as it has been demonstrated that there are links between autonomy, familiarity of surroundings and good mental health.

So what is the Smart Home? : The luxurious Smart home (the ‘Bill Gates house’ style), which is a prestigious entity and something to be proud of, or at the opposite end, the Smart home for the elderly?

Smart Home is the future lifestyle for everyone, from children to the elderly, is a ‘life-time’ residence that will adjust and change itself to the different needs of its residents during the lifecycle.

Many of our clients nowadays choose to invest in their houses with extra control options for lighting, security systems, thermostats, and more to be better smart homes and more efficient.

Making all the small tasks easier around your home, allows for you to spend more quality time with your family without the worry of did I turn this or that off.

For many, the driving force behind creating a Smart Home is the potential to save energy and money with automated heating and air conditioning systems. Smart homes are sustainable Homes if designed correctly. Smart thermostats quickly and precisely automate the heating and cooling of a home. This usually reduces the owners’ electric bill. Other products such as connected lights and appliances can use less energy by powering down when not in use. These kinds of products should be high up on anyone’s smart home checklist.

Your life would be made easier if your lights were smart lights. These can turn on/off using voice commands, location rules, sensor detection, or even simple schedules.

Smart homes can offer added security also. Connected lights, cameras, and even doorbells can help make a home safer.

The new abilities of smart technology and embedded computing raise considerations of how the future house should look regarding its structure, interior design, materials, operating modes and activities, and its position and interrelationship with the built environment. Internal design Spatial distribution within the house should be re-thought.

Materials in the smart home should be selected carefully to enable full function of the sensors and actuators. This means avoiding metals that may cause electrical disturbances, using materials that should not distort sound to enable efficient voice analysis or transparency for preventing dead zones in the home where no visualization or sound detection can be made.

Designers involved in the early stages of the projects may help lessen the reservations people have about innovative technology regarding the smart home, embedded computing and robots, by designing a familiar ‘skin’ and well-known interfaces.

MTM Vision LTD through their extensive experience in implementing Design Principles that will allow you to have a Smart Home, can assist you not only on your new Dream Home but also in improving your existing property to be Smart and Efficient.

What we can design for you is a Smart Home with low maintenance. A house where you utilise every room and the flow of the house that not only works every day for your family, but also for entertaining guests. A House for the Present and the Future.

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