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Theo is a seasoned professional with a passion for excellence. With over two decades of experience in international markets, he brings commercial acumen, communication, and negotiation skills to any operation or marketing matter. As an expert in marketing and finance in the hospitality sector, Theo ensures that proposals are not only beautifully designed but also efficient and financially sound.

His exceptional communication skills enable him to convey project visions, goals, and ideas with ease, while solving complex issues through presentations and reports. Theo’s ability to compartmentalize projects, prioritize tasks, and document processes ensures smooth operations and alignment with common goals.

His negotiation skills shine when working with suppliers, clients, and team members. He creates and controls viable budgets throughout the lifecycle of each project, ensuring that everyone is in line with strategic goals.

As Head of Operations and Finances for top companies in the Middle East, Europe and North America, Theodore inspires and leads teams towards success. His presence brings transparency and excellence to any project, leaving a lasting impact on everyone involved.

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