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The Journey

The Journey

MTM Vision wants everyone to Identify and Build their Vision of their Home.

We want all of our clients to have the chance to work with us and achieving their vision.

We are here to help you if you want to take the Journey from the first idea to the finished building with us.

No matter how confused by the process of building your own home, you might be, we can help.

The Discovery Phase

  • Choosing a plot or building to purchase (Upon Request)

  • Feasibility Clarity Session

  • Visual Inspiration Mood Boards

  • Site Visit and Survey


  • The 3D and VR Experience for Exterior

  • The 3D and VR Experience for Interior

  • The Planning Application and Pre App Meeting (if required)

  • The Building Regulations

  • Construction Working Drawings

  • Interior Design

  • Cost Control

  • Tender Process

  • Value Engineering

  • Contract Administration

  • Construction Amendments

  • Handover and Photoshoot

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Finding a building plot or purchasing a building can often be difficult even when you have a shortlist to view. MTM Vision can help you to make the decision by discussing the pros and cons of each site or building, and determining which has the greatest potential for us to achieve your aspirations

You need to know whether your idea is viable and has the potential to develop into a project. MTM Vision can undertake a simple feasibility proposal to assess this development potential.
These studies often appraise the likelihood of obtaining planning permission, whether the site is large enough, key constraints, and opportunities

All of our clients create their own unique Idea books. These Idea books will have dozens and dozens of photos selected by you in them. It is very important that each photo has a corresponding comment about why it was saved.

Every home is a 3-dimensional, sculptural puzzle. We match the home design not only to the owners but also to the site itself. There will be views that you will want to be highlighted and perhaps some other exterior views that we will want to edit out from any interior space

This is the most creative work stage and can be extremely exciting for you and for us as Architects. Since the previous phase, we have been building and working on the creation of a 3D model of your home. You will have seen one exterior view and we will now work further on the model to develop the complete 3D version. You will initially see between 6 and 12 exterior views

The process then repeats itself for the interior. You will see how tall the ceilings are and how big each room is. You will see the ceiling details and be able to sculpt every decision to your style and taste. We will make proposals for your kitchen, bathrooms and furniture layout. We will also propose materials, colours and type of windows and rooflights.

We will also prepare all documentation required by the Planning Authorities a Location Plan, Block Plan, Site Plan, 1:100 Scale 2D Plans, 1:100 2D Elevations, 3D images, A3 Planning Booklet incorporating the Design and Access Statement

After celebrating your Planning Approval, you will still have some way ahead before starting your exciting construction project. The Building Regulations require us to demonstrate to Building Control how the Approved Documents have been met

This is the largest and most vital stage, and normally requires quite a lot of your input. We prepare the detailed drawings and specifications that allow your contractor to price the work and most importantly construct your project

We are also able to perform interior design services (in-built furniture, kitchen design, shelving, fittings, internal elevations, sanitaryware design, tile layouts), which can be undertaken on an hourly rate basis

You may wish to employ a quantity surveyor during the pre-tender stages to ascertain the likely construction cost, which can be undertaken at the sketch and planning stages

During this work stage, we identify a number of contracting firms and invite them to tender. The contractors that are able to tender will then be sent the Tender Package and have five weeks in which to prepare their prices and submit their tender

Occasionally, contractors provide a quote or tender submission higher than your original budget. In most cases, we can work with a contractor to value engineer your project so that it meets your budget

Once a contractor has been chosen, MTM Vision LTD will help to set up and administer a suitable building contract between you and the chosen contractor

During the construction process, there may be times when you would like to make last-minute changes.
These should generally be avoided as late changes are normally much more costly; however, this does happen from time to time and may require amended drawings, an amended specification, and additional site visits

Once the project is complete, the main contractor will provide you with a comprehensive handover package of information explaining how the building is constructed, how it operates, and how it needs to be maintained.
Once you have settled into your completed project and contractors are a distant memory, we will ask you to provide valuable feedback to help us improve

The Concept & Design Phase

The Delivery & Build Phase

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