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Staircases to sweep you off your feet

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Staircases to sweep you off your feet
Three way stairwell

Throughout architectural history, staircases was a core element.

Creating elevations in different levels had only one way: Stairs!

Even after lift's escalator's invention, solid staircases remain mandatory to nowadays.

Regardless the practicality of this architectural element, staircases can and should provide harmony, innovation and adaptation to the building environment.

Hence, as in a neoclassical building we expect to step on a round or U shape solid stairwell with wooden and even engraved railing following our way up and down to other floors, we should look for a modern straight staircase, even with no railings, in a modern open space house.

And as we step on a round shape staircase of a high rise building, we should be searching for a more efficient and innovative stairwell for a mall (Photo)

Staircases are indeed a very important element of a building.

It's also a very demanding element, in technical means and calculations.

When all of this are combined to the innovation, we achieve our goal.

To transform an every day item, to a unique reference!

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