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Looking to improve your home or to design a new one?

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Design a new or improve the old?
New or improve?

Many of our clients want similar things like an open plan living space or an extension looking out into the garden that will allow of more space and light.

Your project can be either existing and “don’t move, improve” spirit or a New Forever Home

Once we understand your brief, we have established a new form of communication and consultation that can ensure you will still be at home and we can showcase our views and design to you.

We can use a Zoom call so we can take you through our 3d model and guide you through the design in a gaming kind of way. So now you can walk through your space and discuss what you like or what you would rather see differently. You can check the light and how it can affect your rooms through the day. No more dark spaces and mold in your new walls.

Of course, there are Planning laws we need to follow but again MTM Vision is experienced enough and has a strategy that has been proven successful in granting planning permissions at ease. You can read about that in our Blog Post under the link

So, whether you have a home that you want to improve or have a plot in mind where you want to build your new eco home, MTM Vision LTD would love to discuss your ideas.

We can maximise your value and push your budget to achieve that dream home.

We can work on small budgets with which we need to explore the details and materials and systems.

We can also work with large budgets where we can really deliver high end energy efficient and impressive forever homes.

Let us also share some tips on how you can achieve both and at the same time have a home that you can chill in and be proud of within your community.

If you fall under the “Don’t Move, Improve” then we can give you a couple of tips since in MTM Vision LTD we love sustainable design. A nice and energy efficient sliding door or a bifold door are good systems and we can provide you with details on some amazing new products. In that way we can help you replace these systems with new more energy efficient and allow you to create this inside-outside feeling with the garden “entering” the house.

There are also different roof types. You can have a pitched roof for additional height or a flat roof with skylights or a lantern. It is a matter of personal choice and there is no right or wrong here. For a flat roof though you can use a nice Sedum green roof especially when you have views to the roof from your upper floors or your bedrooms. Imagine waking up in a field of wild flowers instead of a dark grey slate roof.

If you are into building your New Forever Home, we can help you in achieving those south facing gardens, or patios for family gatherings or those big windows that will allow the sun to wake you up in the morning and the sunset to nicely flow through your space and give you amazing views of each colours in the evening. These are all things we think about and they are all part of the thermal performance of the home as well as the aesthetics and how it appears to the occupants and neighbours.

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